wow hoppy shit it’s been a long time since i’ve posted here 

hahaha wow 

jesus look at my profile picture i was still into owl city the last time i logged in 

and my name 


Kirsten hasnt posted in a while as you can see just by checking her blog,a nd her posts have become super spaced out (which I guess is to be expected i mean she did drop off the face of our world with no warning about a year ago; i’m surprised shes’ even still posting at all. and i mean, she left so easily: she couldn’t have done that if she hadn’t met us online- us being the cc crowd, does anyone remember that? gosh, i can’t think of a single person from the cc crowd i still talk to daily other than husky and emi and reg. what happened?) 

i mean wow, we’re fuckin…. like we’re fuckin gone all of us it’s really interesting 

what happened? 


O.o Europe… tomorrow?


Going to France and England because of reasons. I’m bringing the netbook and stuff so yes that’s nice.

Also I got a Tchaikovsky CD! 😀 😀 😀 I promptly uploaded it to iTunes and now I am going to listen to it on the plane and be like AL;SKDFJAKLIOWEULDKJF TCHAIKOVSKY Y U SO AWESOME I LOVE YOU

because that’s the kind of nerd I am

Tom Milson is awesome

and uhm



It certainly has been a while.

Do I even have followers anymore?

Judging by the echo, I think not.

Well, lovely nonexistant readers, hi. What do you think, shall I keep this blog going instead of shutting it down?

I may… however, it’ll be different. It’ll be poetry. You guys good with that? Me posting my bad quality poetry instead of bad quality blog posts?

Hmmm… Okay, nonexistant readers, if you’re out there, tell me what you think. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease? *puppy eyes*

thanks, loves~

–Grey the Rainbow

oh, and I think we’ll need a name change. So be prepared, nonexistant readers.

The Wolf Video

In Which Izzi Has Friends


Like, writer friends.

I’m amazed too.

They’re awesome and we went out to lunch together AND one of them, Zoe, joined NaNo and I believe the other (I won’t tell her name it’s just cuz Zoe uses her name in her username) will soon maybe!

lol She asked me for some videos to watch on Youtube.

*you guys this is hilarious why aren’t you laughing?*

She was drowned in videos. XD I spend waaaaaaaaaay to much time on that site.

Well, that’s pretty much it for today.

Sorry for the crappy posts.

In Which Izzi Marvels at How Awesome Moonlight Sonata Sounds on Electric Guitar and Wonders Why She Always Hits the Q When She’s Looking for the G


And I mean, it sounds awesome.

I am not overusing or using that word lightly. It’s awe inspiring.

And it’s eight thirty in the morning. -_-

*should probably write a more complete blog post but has nothing else to say really hmm*


So Denim and I (DenimGirl on NaNo but I’m sure you know her) have decided to be non conformists together.

*does that makes sense? together… wouldn’t that mean conforming…whatever*

Our own styles, do whatever the hell we like with our time.

Just keep our grades up and that’s it. Then we do what we like. No pandering to other people’s needs. *glares at old school*

In other news, I think my writing class starts next week! CHYEAH!


Okay, that’s pretty much it…



In Which Izzi Writes Two Poems and Inquires as to Whether You Can Guess at What they are About

My Smiling Friends
Where they are,
I am
Where I am,
they are.
Do I follow them
or they follow me?
I don’t think
it matters but
you do.
You don’t want me
to listen
to absorb
you don’t want me
to understand
the joys
the way they laugh
and dance and smile
the way I feel
after listening a while.
it’s dangerous,
you say.
I need them,
I say.
But why-
that is the question
why I need these dancing friends
to fill
my silent solitude
fill the hours
fill the days
fill me up
with their heated blaze.
I think
it is because
they smile at me
like you never do.

My Notes

They dance,
as I sit,
then faster,
and then I stand,
and then I dance,
dance with them,
dance with the colors
of the notes
my notes,
the notes made for me-
to rouse me from my slumber
my notes.